Sunday, May 27, 2012

A while back I wrote a post about a young mother who was struggling.  She has 4 kids and no water in her house.   Her house was more than unsafe for children, much less her.  She had no income and was struggling in more ways than you can imagine.

Nathan and I tried to help her in anyway we could.  The first thought that came to mind was to give her money.  But if she had won the lottery it still would not be what she needed.  She needed hope.  She needed to feel cared for and loved.  She is a single mother who is struggling so much that her children didn't have water.  All I could think of doing was to suffer with her as much as I could and in the mean time find help.  I prayed with her and for her and just felt completely helpless.

But God is good and bigger than we think.

Nathan got in contact with her son's school social worker.  This lady was caring and able to help us understand a life that we cannot imagine.  She had so many connections that helped our friend.

Our mom is now in a home that takes battered women and children in.  So I have not been able to talk or see her for a while.  But while she has been there she has a chance to live a better life. We were told yesterday that she is a different lady. Most of that is due to Hope which she now has.  She is going to get a place to live and childcare.  She is interviewing for a job and we are praying hard that she gets it.  Her family is thriving and healthy just because they have water now.

God is good.

I can't stop praising God today.  This mom is coming out of an impossible situation. Her life will not be cake now, but she is getting a chance and she is gaining hope.

Thank you for praying for her.  There will be more updates soon!


Vandy's Girl said...
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Vandy's Girl said...

Awesome to hear!! Learning that our job is to intercede for others and that can be done in so many ways. Glad you all played the part you were asked, and that this momma and her kiddos have a chance at a fuller, hopeful life!

Amber Stewart said...

Thank you for updating. I have been thinking about her and her family.